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STAR WARS ROBOT CHICKEN 300X210In all it’s stop-motion glory, Robot Chicken has brought us many hours of joy and laughter but what gets us in a real tizzy are their movie parodies.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than a good spoof. That doesn’t include Meet The Spartans – we said good spoof.

You can soon enjoy on the fun of season three of Robot Chicken on DVD but for now we wanted to showcase the best of movie parodies from TV shows, because God knows, there’s a lot of them.

And if you’re favourite one isn’t in our list then drop a comment below and tell us what we’re missing out on. Or just suck it up and appreciate the hard work that went into this. Your choice.


We’re not sure what it is about Star Wars but people just love making parodies of it. Why bother? The prequels were funny enough on their own!

Everyone’s favourite daydreaming doctor, JD, realises that his mentor Dr. Cox is a lot like Obi Wan Kenobi, battling the evil Darth Kelso for his soul. And we must admit, we quite like Cox with the fake beard on. Is that wrong?

JD’s backed up by his friends all playing different characters, unfortunately Elliott and Carla must share Leia as she’s pretty much the only girl in the Star Wars movies. No, we don’t include Padme.


I think we can all agree that the cast of Harry Potter are all at an acceptable age that it’s OK to have a crush on them a bit. So we understood where the cast of famed US sketch show SNL were coming from when they came up with this Harry Potter parody.

The students of Hogwarts return only find that puberty has really caught up with Hermione played by Lindsay Lohan, back when she was hot. Harry, played by Rachel Dratch, and Ron, Seth Myers, seem to get their wands in a knot over Hermione’s new womanly look.

While we’ve got the clip, it cuts out at the end, but there’s still a good four minutes of school boy crushes and stupid English accents to be getting on with. Enjoy.


Our favourite comedy lady duo, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, have taken on many films in their time but here’s one of our faves. As a part of their classic comedy shows, the girls used many films as comedy fodder even taking on the more recent Mamma Mia! This is definitely not another teen movie spoof.

Here the girls get their teeth into one of the greatest horrors of all time as Dawn plays the part of poor possessed Regan, who, according mum Jennifer, might just have a simple case of cystitis.


This sketch kills two birds with one stone. Family Guy’s special Star War’s episode, Blue Harvest, put the cast of the show in a galaxy far, far away and had them act out Star Wars: A New Hope.

Tubbo teenage son, Chris, takes on the role of young almost-Jedi, Luke Skywalker while Herbert the Pervert takes on the guise of his wise old mentor, Obi Wan Kenobi.

Fans of the show will know that Herbert’s been obssessed with Chris for a long time, liking the look of his strong, muscly arms. The killing of two birds comes when not only is Star Wars being spoofed but Dirty Dancing gets involved as well. Take a look.


They don’t spoof much but when they do it’s pretty good. We chose The Simpson’s to be a part of this list because their take on the classic Jack Nicholson thriller was too good to pass up.

And we think we actually agree with Homer in this sketch too; we once went for a weekend with no TV and no beer and we went off the friggin walls. We’re serious. There was an intervention and everything.

Anyway, take a look at the episode where the Simpson family are left in an abandoned hotel and Marge finds out what happens when there’s no Duff to be had.


Band meeting. OTB? Yes. Flight of the Conchords? Yes. Murray? Yes.

Everyone’s folk pop parody duo from New Zealand bring us one of our favourite, if a little more offbeat, parodies of Lord Of The Rings. Follow Brett and Jermaine as they wax lyrical about one hobbit’s quest to destroy a magical ring with Mel, Murray and Dave.

It’s not so much a parody as it is a loving recreation of the story mixed with rock and rap musical stylings. Best line however goes to Murray as he plays Gandalf: ‘I’m not a conjurer of cheap tricks!’ Blinding.


Since this list is all in the name of Robot Chicken, we thought we’d actually show you some.

300 is of course ripe for parody, and no, we still don’t mean you Meet The Spartans. The hyper masculine warriors in skirts thing is usually gonna turn into a gay joke but we like how Seth Green and co went somewhere different with it.

300 300X210

In an effort to give us a little schooling on American history, here’s a sketch telling us how the Brits got their arses kicked but a bunch a American heroes. Pah! But apparently there’s something called ‘copyright’ that means we can’t show you the video, but if we put a link in and you happen to click on it, then it’s all good. Enjoy.


We like to bask in Spaced video goodness as often as possible here at OTB towers but, once again, pesky copyright blocks us at every turn.

For two glorious season, we followed the ‘fried gold’ that was Spaced. Real fans will know what we mean. In every episode there was a sly nod or all out parody of a movie or TV show from a hell of a lot of Star Wars to Robot Wars.

Spaced 300x210

Of course we can’t show it to you but if you were to click on this link, then maybe you’ll see a clip of Daisy and Mike ripping off Pulp Fiction, depicting the death scene of Vince at the hands of Butch. While Spaced made many homages to movies this is one of our faves just because it’s rare that you seen a movie spoof done so well and by people who genuinely love movies. Remember, Edgar Wright was the director and we all know how he loves an homage.