Robot Chicken Season 3 Review: Mechanical Blunder?

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tv-stars-3halfrobotchickens3 300x210ROBOT CHICKEN SEASON 3: On DVD From 25th January

We get down with stop-motion whenever we can and we’re glad that Robot Chicken are keeping the art form alive, but have the writer’s lost the spark which made the first two series so special?

Honestly, it’s in the eye of the beholder. What one man thinks is funny is another man’s screech of the antichrist.

The quality of the animation gets higher and higher as the show progresses but they might have lost a little magic when it comes to the comedy. For some reason, Seth Green, co-creator of the show, and the team of writers don’t know how to quit when they’re ahead with a gag and continue to drag them out. But at least the style is consistent; mixing longer story based sketches will short bursts of insanity gives each episode an unpredictable edge.

I’d say the ratio of funny to filler sketches was about 70/30 which is pretty good, but we know from experience that they can do better. This season isn’t a total FAIL as I still had a really good time watching it but I was a little underwhelmed.

This season the writers laid off of Star Wars, probably because of their special Star Wars episodes, and instead they hit 80s toys and cartoons a bit harder. Those sketches are probably the best, particularly the ones with He-Man, Thundercats and one that explains what happened to discarded 80s girls toys. As classic girly cartoon character Jem explains, ‘You know what’s truly, truly outrageous? Chlamydia.’

Also, special mention must go the Highlander sketch with all the Hollywood teen starlets battling it out. Good times.

If you’re an uber fan of Robot Chicken then there’s a good chance you scoured the internet for clips or bought the complete box set already which already contains this season. Either way, you’ve probably seen most or all of season 3.

But on the off chance that you didn’t do those things, you can soon enjoy all the extras that the Internet couldn’t provide. This season’s special features include a studio tour by Seth, where you’ll get to see recording studios and animation departments etc. There’s also a few fun audio commentaries and some short videos about the different departments such as sound, scripts and set design. The extras are mostly short videos and they don’t go into detail about much but they’re worth a look.

On the whole, I’ve had better.