Jeremy Kyle To Break America

January 25, 2010 by  
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kyle-and-his-piggy-fingersAfter apparently growing tired of abusing work-shy layabouts and monosyllabic chavs in this country, Jeremy Kyle seems set to take his patronising roadshow to the US.

According to early reports, the American version of his show is set for air next year and it is thought that Kyle could become a huge star across the pond.

However, we think the ‘talk-show’ host might have to raise his game if he wants to be noticed among the community of right-wing ‘shock-jocks’ that broadcast in that country at the minute.

Just check out Michael Savage, who was banned from entering the UK last year (despite showing no desire to enter the country).

“I’m really excited. It will be hard work but I’m up for the challenge”, said Kyle when asked about the idea. “I’m looking forward to meeting ordinary American people and hearing about their extraordinary lives.”

Is that what you do on your show then Jeremy?

“This show isn’t about me, it’s about their issues and problems and how we can face them together”, he continued.

It would have been quite interesting to see him subjected to his own lie detector test for that last sentence…

Unfortunately Kyle has no plans to move to America.

David says:

He and his team just exploit the very bottom end of society,these people are generally to stupid to notice that they are being used for other sad poeple’s entertainment,most worrying is the fact that it gets viewers,what kind of morons watch this rubish more than once