Celeb Big Brother: Alex’s Wedding Plans (Doh)

January 25, 2010 by  
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kisssWe thought that Alex Reid would have learned his lesson after his first attempt to propose to Katie Price!

Unfortunately, it looks as though the mediocre cage-fighter is a glutton for punishment. The 34 year-old Celebrity Big Brother contestant told his fellow housemates that he might need help choosing jewelery for his faux girlfriend when he gets out.

Reid infamously flew across the world to pop the question to Jordan after she walked out of the jungle at the end of last year – and was publicly humiliated when she not only said no, but dumped him.

She later took him back temporarily so that he wouldn’t say too much while in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but it seems she is ready to ditch the poor fool for a second time when he emerges next week.