Phil Down Under Review: Life’s A Beach!

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3Phil+Sydney300PHIL DOWN UNDER REVIEW: Friday 22nd January, Channel 4, 8pm ALERT ME

Forty thousand Brits emigrate to Australia every year apparently, and after a month of bad weather that has bordered on the biblical, that figure seems set to rise exponentially in the future.

Anyone thinking of making the trip down under certainly won’t have their dreams tainted by this programme.

Yet making Perth look more appetising than Essex isn’t that difficult, and although Phil Relocation, Relocation Spencer does a good job of helping an English couple with some life-changing decisions, selling the Australian lifestyle to a couple who spend three hours a day on the M25 doesn’t look too difficult.

Subsequently the programme quickly becomes simply an advert for the life in Oz, but it’s easy to see how that happened completely unintentionally. It does look amazing.

People hit the beach after work, go for bike-rides before work, then lark around in their pools and grill shrimps at the weekend. Well someone’s got to do it.

Bhrona and Lee understandably have some high expectations for their new property, they want four bedrooms, and a big garden with a swimming pool, but the good news is that average house prices are around £50,000 less than in the UK.

“You get more bricks for your buck out here!” says a sun-kissed Spencer enthusiastically.

While our couple check out the local amenities, Phil heads off to find out what kind off jobs a British immigrant can expect to get if they make the trip around the world.

He will later highlight a long list of professions which would qualify someone for a Skilled Migrant Visa and then hops on a fishing boat to catch some sardines in the Indian Ocean.

Sometimes life really is a beach.

antonio says:

You will have plenty of time to migrate, Australia is about to Boom, big time.
Best places, Perth, head to W.A if you want to make money mining.If you can drive a truck or know anything about this industry, head their now. Queensland and Aderlaide also will have plenty of work. The flood gates will open very soon, if you can dig out a dollop of ice-cream, australia will need you. I just read a report about a housing firm buiilding 10 thousand houses on one estate in Perth, this could take them at least 10 years. 1000 houses a year, and thats one firm. ? Where are they going to find workers, everyone is headed to the mines. Its crazy, and about to Boom. QLD just annouced a 500 million gas pipeline be built. ? We have not got workers to build any pipelines. It’s crazy, get over here now. Dont beleive everything you hear, but trust me, if you want to make money, if you want a fantastic way of life. Dont wait, move now. Get your visa sorted, and be part of a 30 year boom, yes 30 years, thats for starters, think about your kids futures also. Dont worry about feeling lonely, their will be more Poms than aussies living in Australia with-in the next 20 years. Hurry, before the chinese beat you to paradise.

David says:

I have not seen this program and I love Phil and Kirstie but from the sound of the review this very much paints a one sided view of life in Oz. Yes there is great weather but I have been living in Sydney for 5 years and it certainly is not all heading to the beach after work. Yes you can certainly do this but thats if you have the energy!! I imagine the program will not expore the main downsides on living in Australia which are both related to its isolation. Yes house prices may be cheaper but other cost of living aspects e.g. clothes, cars etc are alot more expensive as everything has to be imported. The other factor is the high cost and time factor to see friends and family who live in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a combination of these factors which is why I have made the decision to move back at the end of the year. I would recommend anyone give Australia a shot but to be aware that it is not necessarily the bee all that programs like this make it out to be.

This programme was irresponsible. Too many shots of golden beaches; not enough information on the correct order of emigration preparations:
1. Determine source of future income
2. Research and apply for correct visa for your situation
3. Only when visa is actually in your hand, put your UK house on market
4. Move to new country within 12m of visa commencement, and rent there
5. Only when UK house sold, buy new house in new country.