Newsnight At 30: Bothering Politicians For Three Decades

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4newsnight300NEWSNIGHT AT 30: Saturday 23rd January, BBC2, 8pm ALERT ME

Most of us approach our 30th birthday with some trepidation, but Newsnight is marching towards the next stage of it’s life with a Benjamin Button-like enthusiasm that will surely see it cement it’s place in our televisual culture for a many years to come.

Tonight’s show is a very special one indeed, presented by Jeremy Paxman (bete noire of politicians everywhere) the hour-long special will take us on a trip down memory lane in an attempt to illustrate how British politics, society and culture have changed since 1980.

But let’s be honest, what we really want to see is parliamentary ministers squirming as Big P asks the questions that we really want answered.

Admittedly Newsnight takes a bit more effort to watch than Celebrity Big Brother, but once you get into it, the rewards can be limitless. No-one forgets the first time they watched Paxman torture some poor public figure who has been sacrificed to to the BBC in the wake of the bi-annual governmental scandal…

Ahhh politicians, where would we be without them?

But this look back is more than just a clip show, it asks genuine questions about how far we have come in 30 very turbulent years as a nation and takes us behind the scenes of the show itself with contributions from Kirsty Wark, Peter Snow and Martha Kearney.

From the Falklands to Afghanistan, Maggie to Boris, miners to bankers. Has everything changed or just stayed the same?

Whether it has or not – Newsnight has been there for those of us who want interesting comment on current affairs, but can’t be bothered to read that part of the newspaper.