BBC Furious Over ‘Corrie Fix’ At National TV Awards

January 22, 2010 by  
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Angry_ManBosses at the beeb have made furious claims that ITV tried to influence the public vote in the ‘Most Popular Serial Drama’ category of Wednesday night’s NTAs.

Coronation Street inexplicably beat EastEnders to claim the prize after a three minute tribute to the Weatherfield soap to mark it’s 50th anniversary was played while a section of the 7.5 million audience were still voting.

EastEnders, Emmerdale and even Hollyoaks bosses are enraged that their shows were not given the same kind of exposure (despite the fact that EastEnders has an anniversary of it’s own coming up).

“We’re furious!” ranted one BBC insider. “The odds seemed too heavily stacked in the Street’s favour this year. It’s showreel was a pretty blatant advert right in the middle of voting.”

“We’ve got an anniversary but didn’t get a showreel. It wasn’t a fair playing field for the other soaps. Even Emmerdale cast members are angry.”

It is thought that Corrie’s rivals are considering asking Ofcom to publicise the ceremony’s voting figures and patterns to see if they were influenced by the montage from the cobbles.

“What would have happened if this was EastEnders and a plug like that was on a BBC awards show? This can’t be allowed to happen again. It’s as though they fixed it for Corrie. We’d like to see voting figures to see if the showreel changed things,” the source told Digital Spy.

An ITV spokesperson branded the dispute ‘sour grapes’, but Ofcom is believed to have received complaints from viewers and may probe the NTAs to see if it breached any fairness rules.