Celeb Big Brother: ‘I Want To Read The Bible’ Says Jonas

January 21, 2010 by  
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jonasNearly-biblically named Jonas is taking things one step further when told his housemates last night that he has an overwhelming desire to read the holy scripture.

Sitting with group members in the living area, he said: “I’m a guy who reads science magazines like every day. I mean, the last thing I would ever expect myself to think about is the Bible… I know that after the 29th, it will be maybe a day or two and I will be on a flight and the only thing I can think about is me sitting on that flight reading the Bible.”

According to Channel 4, Jonas said that he considered the urge to be a “beautiful thing” because he never thought he would become interested, adding: “I’ve never said that I would become a believer or faith or whatever but it is about interest and you know that is one step.”

Nodding in agreement, Stephen replied: “Most of the time, it is the people that say you have to take 20 steps in five minutes. All God wants is for you to be willing to take one.”