Brothers and Sisters Review: Family Problems

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2brothers300BROTHERS AND SISTERS: Thursday 21st January, More4, 9pm ALERT ME

“I just have this weird, foreboding feeling and I can’t get rid of it.”

It may be one of the first lines of the fourth series of Brothers and Sisters – and one that will no doubt prove stunningly accurate – but this is also the sense OTB got when this American family drama landed on our desk again.

There is definitely enough in here to keep fans of the schmaltzy show watching however.

The Walker family are all facing testing times ahead, their stories will involve a lot of soul searching and the shock twist at the end of this opening episode will certainly leave you wanting more.

But whether such tribulations will be enough to attract a new audience is a matter for debate.

For some time now we have watched as US dramas try to emulate the success achieved by Sex And The City or Desperate Housewives yet this is another that seems to fall short of the mark.

Despite promising big things and original ideas, Brothers and Sisters set off on a familiar storyline. We are introduced to a bunch of extra ordinary characters who are living lives full of moral dilemmas, tough choices and emotional roller-coasters, some kind of ‘journey of discovery’ is embarked upon and there is never ever an ending.

It’s not so much groundbreaking television as over-blown fantasy soap opera and in the end the lesson we learn is that being a beautiful person in a super rich family isn’t as easy as it looks. Wow!

The new series of course promises thrills, spills and agonising decisions but from the very start this show feels like a melding of far too many other programmes, to be anything other than utterly formulaic.