Relocation, Relocation Review: I’m From Scotland Get Me Out Of Here!

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3Relocation+Relocation300RELOCATION, RELOCATION: Wednesday 20th January, Channel 4, 8pm ALERT ME

“Why am I living in London?” I thought to myself, as I watched this rather scenic version of Relocation, Relocation. Then I remembered; not everyone has £450,000 to spend on a detached period house near a Cornish beach.

Glaswegian Gregor and his wife do however, and are so desperate to get out of Scotland they want Phil and Kirstie to find them a home in a place they’ve never even visited. Granted, Cornwall over Glasgow is not much of a contest (someone told them there was something called ‘The Sun’ down south, and it wasn’t a dodgy tabloid).

But it’s still a risk; Gregor has quit his high-flying IT job to become a head chef of his own bistro. “I’ve never done the full ‘work in the kitchen’ before,” he admits. Phil carries on the puns, “I’m worried this could spell a recipe for disaster.”

“There’s a lot at steak,” he continues. Oh wait, now I’m confused.

They view their first house in popular tourist area St. Ives. This is where the sun, as well as Gregor, shines (with a name like that he’s not doing himself any favours) as he wistfully looks out the window at the coast. “You feel as if you’re alive,” he sighs.

If that didn’t wake them up, a 1960’s extended bungalow in St Agnes might, although its not much to look at from the inside. Mainly as it’s completely empty. Phil chuckles, “You can do up the home – you’ll have nothing else to do!” referring to Gregor’s perpetual state of unemployment.

But could it be third time lucky for the couple, who’ve found a detached period home in Chacewater? It all starts to get a little monotonous, that is, until Gregor’s wife cries with the tension of it all (or maybe since learning you can’t get mobile phone reception. I’ll stick with London, thanks).

This whole bistro business is a tad more disastrous, as Gregor envisages going back to IT after all. As stressful as this bold move was, you can’t help admiring the bravery and and ruthlessness of this couple. Then again, a lifetime in Glasgow? It’s a bit of a no-brainer.

Shannon says:

Hi, Why are we seeing so many repeats of the same endless repeats of Grand Design & Relocation Relocation. We used to look forward to these programmes but they have become increasingly boring, as new episodes are not been shown.
Some of the Repeats are years & years old !!! Why are they constantly showing them ?????
Please let see some new episodes before we all die for sheer boredom, are we really supposed to enjoy watching these time & time again or do the broacasters think we are all gormless and dont know we are been fed `constant repeats !!!!!!!!!!!!