Mika: ‘I Stole Pencil Eraser From John Lewis’

January 20, 2010 by  
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mika Pop star on helium Mika has admitted that he used to regularly steal from shops during his youth.

However, the ‘Blame It On The Girls’ singer added that he never used to keep the ill-gotten goods and would often end up donating the items to charity.

It was only after a brush with the authorities that the 26-year-old eventually curbed the habit.

He told Heat: “I was caught shoplifting when I was little. I was stealing jumping beans, compasses and rubbers in John Lewis.

“They made me sit in security for four hours to sweat it out, then they let me go home. But I’m good with things I steal – I always give them away to charity.”

Rumours have it he swallows the jumping beans and stabs himself in the eye with the compass when he hears his CDs. Or maybe that’s just me…