Eastenders: Archie’s Killer Revealed In Live Show

January 20, 2010 by  
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eastenders300x210Everyone’s favourite cockney soap actors will be trying not to laugh their way through a script, no matter how ridiculous the plot, in an upcoming episode that will be broadcast live.

We announced the live episode back in September but with the deadline looming it’s a safe bet that the cast are shaking in their boots.

That’s certainly true of Neil McDermott who plays Ryan Malloy. Talking to DigitalSpy, Neil said that he’s dreading scenes with one particular co-star.

“I’ve got scenes with Sid Owen and he makes me laugh on a daily basis – if I’m in a scene with him and he starts getting a twinkle in his eyes I’m liable to lose it so if I’m in scenes with him, don’t be surprised if I’m not looking at him very much!”

While we’ll definitely be tuning to see who fluffs their lines first, the big attraction of the episode will be the reveal of who killed Archie Mitchell. But it turns out the cast don’t even know that yet.

“I think most people are involved in it although we haven’t had any scripts for it. It should be good fun. I know there’s a big reveal which I think has been widely publicised now so yeah, I think it’s going to be quite dramatic.”

The episode will air on 19th February and will be a part of the soap’s 25th anniversary celebrations.