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tv-stars-2halfpiers morgan shanghai 210x300PIERS MORGAN ON SHANGHAI: Tuesday 19th January, ITV1, 9pm ALERT ME

I can’t understand how Piers Morgan is still working on TV.

He should be in a restaurant somewhere drinking champagne and chomping on panda steaks everyday instead of pointlessly traveling around the world and showing us what he’s found.

For the third episode in the series Piers heads to Shanghai to see how the other half live. And by other half I mean those censorship-loving Commies in the Far East.

Just kidding China.

The most industrious people in the world, the Chinese population is internationally considered to be still under the thumb of the Communist party but Piers showcases the enormous freedoms that the Chinese economy can provide.

And although I can hardly stand to listen to his voice anymore Piers does show another side to Shanghai, albeit a superficial, hyper-rich, consumerist side. Getting access to some rich people’s houses Piers finds that the state wide plan to be as rich as possible means that Shanghainese want the best cars, the best clothes and highest penthouses. If you thought the West had a problem with consumerism then you ain’t seen nothing yet. With China quickly establishing themselves as a superpower and no hint of a recession, their obsession with possessions grows larger.

Speaking of growing larger, the city is constantly expanding. Piers points out how the skyline is constantly evolving and being added to, with skyscrapers being constantly planned. But it’s still China; if the desire for redevelopment means putting people out of their homes and relocating them wherever the Government chooses, then that’s the way it is. But while the Government are still a dominant power, they are yet to conquer the Internet. Though they are constantly trying to ban social networking sites in order to stop the Chinese youth from socialising internationally, Piers is told by two bright young things that there are always ways around those kinds of things.

Piers doesn’t offer a deep insight, it’s more of a travelogue that occasionally delves into culture shock for ‘entertainment’. Interesting but like the millionaires of China demonstrate in the show, it’s all style and no substance.

Andy says:

Pier you talked about their bad drinking habits (red wine + coke), their youth who can find way to go to you tube and all. Why you havent shown the other part why china is becoming such fast growing economy. Why you didnt mention that UK people can’t work like Chinese people.

I was really disappointed that you are representing such good program like this.
Imagine what UK people will perceive.

It is a shame, BIG Shame.

Andy says:

I cant believe that such a big celebrity can be such narrow minded

James Mason says:

China has become the Second Largest Economy in the World

wendy Lea says:

I look forward to watching you Piers but was very disappointed to see you eating ‘Fois Gras’. I can only assume that you are ignorant about the source of this food. Geese or ducks are force fed to such a degree that their liver expand and cause a great deal of pain and suffering to the bird.
You need to google ‘fois Gras’ and make your own mind up but if you have any compassion in you at all you will stop eating it.
There are so many delicious foods to eat that it is entirely uneccessary to eat products of tortured animals.
Bye the way I am not a vegetarian. I eat free range meat. It is the least we can do. You certainly can afford it.