Celeb Big Brother: Three More Up For The Chop

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Three more CBB contestants are up for eviction thanks to a surprise nomination session last night.

Rapper Sisqo, the invisible Ivana Trump and Bible-thumping madman Stephen Baldwin are up for the boot this Friday.

After Lady Sov was booted out, housemates were given 30 seconds to nominate two other in the diary room.


Presenter Davina McCall said, “Think of it like speed dating, but without the love. It’s more like speed hating?

Surely “speed hating? is what everyone does when they watch Big Brother in the first place?

After the surprise round Ivana got the most nominations with five, Stephen was second with four and Sisqo third with three.

They’re up for the public vote on Friday and two of them will be kicked out.

Oddly, Stephanie nominated Ivana despite the appearance that the pair had built up a good relationship in the last couple of weeks.

She said, “I nominated Ivana because I think she needs to be released from her misery? – Don’t we all?

Sisqo accused Alex Reid of throwing his weight around saying “I’m tired of seeing Alex bully Stephen and Jonas, and I’m tired of Ivana bossing me around.”

Alex Reid (who really does resemble The Head from 90s children’s show Art Attack) said, “We’ve got to get the American’s out. This is a UK show, so let’s get Sisqo out for a start?

Is it too early to speculate that Alex might be writing a column for the Daily Mail upon his release?

He also pointed the finger at Dane Bowers, “Dane Bowers is my second biggest threat, so he also needs to go.”

Meanwhile Dane explained his choices, “I’m nominating Ivana. She’s a team player and she does try hard but she’s constantly worried about things.

“My second nomination is Stephen. Half of my life is waiting for him to finish a sentence. It really drags on. It takes ages for him to finish everything he says.”

We couldn’t agree more actually, it’s the most sensible thing Bowers has said since he’s been in there.

The Invisible Woman (Ivana Trump) said, “I’m nominating Jonas for his behaviour which caused serious offence by running around the house naked.

“And Stephen for breaking the rules on talking about the nominations of other housemates.”

Jonas running around naked was one of the highlights on the show so far (easy ladies!), what’s she on about?

Basshunter picked Ivana, “She is complaining too much. She spends too much time in the toilet and she’s a weak link in the tasks.”

“Sisqo is my second nomination. He is showing off too much. It makes me feel uncomfortable. He’s not helping in the house and he keeps going on about all his achievements.”

Nicola Tbb
Airheaded Nicola T miraculously articulated a coherent thought which strayed into the yawning chasm of her mind and said, “Stephen is really annoying and driving everyone up the wall. Ivana faffs around a lot.”

Yes, Stephen is annoying Nicola. Have a cookie.

Seems the animosity was mutual as Stephen Baldwin nominated Nicole T in return,

“Everyone probably thinks she’s a cute mom, but she’s really cunning behind the scenes.”

Nicola T? Cunning? She couldn’t outsmart a Tellytubby.

His second choice was Dane, “I really don’t think he’s that kind or compassionate. He didn’t handle the Sov situation very well.”

Favourite to win Vinnie, who was instrumental in getting Lady Sov kicked out nominated Sisqo and Alex.

He said: “I feel he (Sisqo) didn’t help the group out with the problem of Sov, and he’s trying to win it by keeping different camps.

“Alex’s snoring is driving me mad, and everyone else and he’s eating three times as much as the rest!”