Celeb Big Brother: Alex ‘Kids Look Up To Me’

January 18, 2010 by  
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AlexReidredThere’s no need to call social services, it’s only CBB ham-head Alex Reid spouting nonsense again.

Stephanie was trying to cheer him when he got all philosophical saying, “You’ve become you.”

“You’re a very, very, very sweet clown and you’re also very, very interested in lots of things.

“Yes, I am a clown, but I’m not always a clown,? Alex moped, “Is a clown a derogatory thing to be?”

I don’t know, ask John Wayne Gacy or this woman.

“Do you understand the influence I have on young people, young boys, young men? They look up to me. And with that influence of young men I understand there’s a responsibility there. You know, young lads look at what I do and stuff and they admire that.

“Maybe I shouldn’t clown about so much.”

Nice to see Alex taking his position seriously. Otherwise, we’ll be knee deep in people dating plastic-boobed attention seekers and hitting people in the face for money. Sounds like a night out in Bromley…