Casualty Review: Still On Thin Ice

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3.5casualty300CASUALTY: Saturday 16th January, BBC1, 8.50pm ALERT ME

We remember the days when episodes of Casualty started with a fresh character nearly cutting their leg off and Charlie Fairhead et al rescuing them in time for some sort of family reunion.

Not anymore. The longest running medical drama in the world (strange but true) is now a very serial programme, yet it still manages to tackle some of the most important issues around.

That’s probably what makes it so enduring format.

This weekend’s episode starts with a bang as we continue to revisit the New Years Eve disaster which saw Adam and Jessica’s car crash through a frozen lake.

As everyone struggles to carry on as normal, Jessica – who is still in a massive coma – takes a look back at her career in Holby City through a series of flashbacks.

We see her popping pills with an old mate Linda, getting it on with Sean and eventually leaving him (he made her take elocution lessons to lose her Northern accent) to be with Adam.

This series of events is reflected brilliantly in the sub-plot of a young domestic abuse victim named Elana whom Jessica encounters at various intervals in her time at A&E.

The real meat of this episode though comes from the relationship between Jess and Adam, as the latter struggles to cope with her impending brain surgery.

Although this ties the audience into the plot efficiently, these two characters do dominate the episode ruthlessly and we could do with at least a few other half-substantial story-lines in the mix.

Having said that it seems we can expect the events of New Year to hold sway for a while yet.