Dancing On Ice: Heather’s Shameless Self-Publicity

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millsEighties porn star Heather Mills is apparently so keen to win this year’s Dancing On Ice that she has sent out a mass email to ask people for support.

“Heather Mills stars in Dancing on Ice. Support Heather. Watch the show to vote”, says the send-out.

Paul McCartney’s ex also has a sign outside her vegan restaurant and has put a telephone number people can use to vote for her on her Twitter account.

One of her friends told The Sun: “Heather is sending the email to everyone she knows – she’s so ambitious it’s unreal. She is desperate to get public support to prove some people do like her.”

The poor fools signed up to follow the peg-legged harridan on Twitter were treated to an inspirational message from the reality show contestant which read: “Busy day counselling people whilst in 3 hrs of traffic to get to ice rink good time management but reminder Afghanistan is getting worse.”

clive says:

Paul Dunwell – Nice as Heather Mills might have been according to your friends, she wasnt entitled to any of that money and Im pretty sure Cilla was talking about The Beatles prior to Macca’s wedding to Heather. Not that the word of Cilla Black is to be considered gospel – this was the woman who said ‘lorra,lorra laughs’ on national tv for gods sake. It’s funny how this ‘charity-worker’ didn’t donate her money from the divorce to charity eh? All i can say is I hope she doesnt break a leg.

Allen says:

I bet Heather would give an arm and (her other) leg to win that show. She’s dispicable and even though I live in Brighton, there’s no chance I’m ever eating at her place …

Martin Burton says:

I am glad the article said ‘apparently so keen to win’ which suggests the allegation has not be substantiated. I watched Heather on the program and was amazed at how well she did, and thought what a great example and inspiration to other people who are unfortunate enough to have lost a limb. If however the allegation is true then I feel Heather has done a great disservice to all the people who are classed as disabled in one way or another. The media of television is very powerful, and true, everyone in it wants to win, but there comes a point where the ambition to win has to take second place to the example of a good role model. I hope this is not a missed opportunity to inspire and inform people that disability is not inability. I would like to think that this is an unsubstantiated storm in a teacup and that in the future she may even take up the mantle left by John Sargeant. Not out of sympathy, but the respect and admiration she justly and rightly deserves.

steve b says:

I am certainly not a Heather Mills fan – read her now discredited book years ago at the insistence of my then partner and thought what a load of tosh. Then she hit paydirt with a silly old fool and made a fortune. Good luck to her. Silly girl for feigning emotion on US TV, she should just grin and bear the trauma of only having millions in the bank.

How much money does it take to stop egocentrics and make them realise they have it good?

Paul Dunwell says:

I don’t know Heather Mills-McCartney. But I know somebody who briefly met the couple when they were together and had a little time to observe them. Astute observers whose opinion I’d respect, they thought she was actually rather a nice lass. Maybe people should cut her a little slack here. I am a great fan of Sir Paul and The Beatles, but they were not saints. I believe that Sir Paul freely admits to being a love-cheat, Cilla recently spoke of The Beatles being ‘more naughty’ than The Rolling Stones, there was history of drug-taking amongst the fab four, and there were also rather disgraceful episodes from their past (somewhere I read about members of the band urinating on nuns from a rooftop). As the Bible says,’let he who is wthout sin cast the first stone'(or something of the kind). Maybe it should now be ‘let the blameless send the first twitter’.

Janie says:

Heather should not be bribing people to vote for her!! she should win on skill alone!!!