Corrie: Kidnapper Stape Is A Teacher Again

January 15, 2010 by  
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rosie-webster-john-290x400Coronation Street’s creepy teacher, John Stape, will return to a job in teaching despite being in prison for kidnapping his student lover, Rosie Webster.

In an upcoming storyline, Stape, fresh out of the clink will get a job in an adult education system, The Sun reports this morning.

Despite his criminal record, Stape gets the position, something that hapless new bride Fizz fears will put him in a dangerous position should anyone find out about his past. Can Stape be trusted in a position of power again or will he be tempted once more?

An insider told The Sun, “We know that John returning to teaching and the fact the college may not check him out properly will cause a lot of controversy with our viewers.” It might not be the juicy, issue driven storylines of Eastenders but Corrie does tend to tread more carefully when it comes to controversy.

The writers of the soap had been planning a child abduction plot that happened to coincide with the unfortunate Madeline McCann. So as to avoid the comparison the story was subsequently scrapped. The plot had now been given the go ahead to appear this year and will involve Peter Barlow and his 6 year old son, Simon.