Heather Mills Hopping Mad After Car Crash

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Mills: That'll leave a mark...

Mills: That'll leave a mark...

Heather Mills marked her 42nd birthday with a bang after Dancing On Ice rehearsals – she crashed her £40,000 Lexus.

A source said, “Heather came out of the ice rink carrying her skating leg and jumped into the car.

“She must have forgotten that she was parked in front of a post and just charged straight into it. She was pretty shocked as it was quite a bump. She got out of the car and saw the damage she’d done and was livid.

“It was her birthday, so no doubt that made her extra angry.?

“Fortunately the car was not a write-off so she was able to prise the smashed-up bumper off and stick it in the back of her car.

“She drove off looking really embarrassed, which is fair enough given how embarrassing the accident was.?