McCall “Done Grieving” For Big Brother

January 13, 2010 by  
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DavinaPerpetual shoutbox Davina McCall has revealed that she’s done grieving for our favourite CCTV peep show.

In an interview with New, McCall talked about the show’s demise,

“I was sad but I’ve done my grieving,” she yelled, almost deafening the interviewer, “I’ve had months to chew it over and think about life after Big Brother.

“It’s nice that they gave us a year’s notice. If they’d announced two weeks before the end of the last series that this was it, then I’d have been devastated and quite angry.”

“Well, 11 years is a long time. I think it just couldn’t hack the flak anymore. I’m amazed that it’s carried on as long as it has, considering the criticism it’s had.”

Davina’s next project will be X Factor style dance em off Got To Dance.

Here at OTB, we’re in grieving because the end of Big Brother means will have no more rubbish to write about. Sean’s out the back now rummaging in the office bin, maybe he’ll find something in there…