‘Crazy’ Posh Bombs On American Idol

January 13, 2010 by  
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posh-spice-murders-bigbird!Notorious carb-hater Victoria Beckham has been slated by the American press after her guest appearance on American Idol.

Critics called Mrs Beckham ‘gaunt’ and even ‘crazy’ after she appeared in last night’s episode of Simon Cowell’s US reality series as a replacement for Paula Abdul. Needless to say, Posh’s army of fans shouldn’t expect her to be returning to the show any time soon.

It is common knowledge that (despite some very tough competition) she was easily the least talented Spice Girl and ever since the group split, her efforts to forge a career in showbiz have been hampered by a chronically dull personality and surly demeanour.

After the programme the Los Angeles Times critic said: “The night’s saddest failure, however, was guest judge Victoria Beckham, who actually made plenty of appealing comments and bonded beautifully with fellow judge Kara DioGuardi but whose gaunt appearance was so off-putting it might have cost her the slot DeGeneres eventually won.”

New York’s The Village Voice’s blog then added: “Her face is just too crazy for the close-up, and she has nothing to add to the commentary. I always thought a British accent made people sound smart but I guess I was wrong.”