Celeb Big Brother: Reid Gets Career Advice

January 13, 2010 by  
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I'd leave it 10 minutes if I were you...

I'd leave it 10 minutes if I were you...

Shy wallflower Alex Reid was given some timely career advice by the rest of the CBB house today.

After admitting that he felt like a “rabbit in the headlights� and that he was “not quite sure what’s going on�, Alex listened to the advice of some seasoned pros.

Hard nut and RAC spokesperson Vincent Jones chipped in with,

“I think you should get a manager to say, ‘Look, this is the way you’ve got to do it’. Because no-one wants to be in a movie with you.

“If you offered me five million dollars to be in this movie, I’ll say I can’t be involved with you. Why would anyone want to?

“They don’t want to be associated with you. You know what I mean? And that’s what you’ve got to be careful of. Because although you’re having a laugh, and enjoying all this, people will move away from you.”

Washed up boyband berk and human punchbag Dane Bowers supplied,

“”This for you is a wicked opportunity, because and this is the truth, you’re famous for cross-dressing and being someone’s boyfriend. In here, you can be you for the first time.”

Meanwhile Stephen Baldwin was got down from his pulpit to dispense this insightful gem,

“Right now you’re a frickin’ tossed salad. You’re so many different things. Decide what it is you want to be and be that thing,” he said.

With the list of candidates for Jonathan Ross’s replacement looking increasingly thin, may we suggest that Mr. Reid put himself forward for the task?