The Girl Who Cries Blood Review: Seeing Red

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3girl+who+cries+blood300THE GIRL WHO CRIES BLOOD: Tuesday 12th January, Channel 4, 10pm ALERT ME

“According to the mystic, Twinkle is possessed.”

A genuine line from this shockumentary about a girl who spontaneously bleeds from her head, hands and eyes, you wonder if Channel 4’s Body Shock series has finally surpassed itself.

13-year-old Twinkle Dwivedi from India has suffered from the condition for the past two years. Which could be medical. Or spiritual. Or just downright unexplainable. Either way, each theory is examined in the 60 minutes that follow.

When we see the blood mysteriously appear on Twinkle for the first time, it is pretty unnerving. Her scalp, eyes and hands are suddenly painted with the red stuff with no visible cuts or scars on the skin. As she washes it off in the sink, it’s like the whole episode never happened.

Crying ‘tears of blood’ is not unknown to medical science, apparently, but in the case of Twinkle it is not restricted to her eyes. “Doctors say she is looking for attention,” her father explains. “Everyone’s passed the buck; I’ve lost faith.”

The neighbours have so much faith they reckon it’s a miracle. Or a bad omen, or ghost. They even visit the local mystic (you don’t get many of them around London) who confidently states, “This is a curse. It’s not going to go away quietly.”

And not even a Catholic bishop can put it down to ‘Stigmata’, bodily marks, sores, or sensations of pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus. Which, at this point, seems the most promising explanation. But the bishop doesn’t believe it has anything to do with Twinkle’s case. “Live in hope, keep smiling,” he offers.

Eventually she goes to Mumbai with her mother to meet top US blood specialist George Buchanan who, well, can’t really explain it either. “Medically speaking, this shouldn’t be possible,” he guffaws, dumbfounded.

After extensive tests and a possibility of a problem with her platelets (there’s a science lesson here too for those less knowledgeable), a CSI-style investigation is launched on Twinkle and her mother – could they be smearing the blood on themselves?

I won’t tell you the answer, mainly as there isn’t one. As with most of the ‘Bodyshock’ programmes, there are weird and wonderful theories (and some gory scenes) but no definite answers. This, blud, could run and run.

Alan says:

I have no idea why this documentary aired without any reasonable conclusion. What a complete waste of time.

Angela Murray says:

It is fake just like alien autopsy which the so called reputable channel which is renowned for its
documetrys aired, knowing it was bull and look how easy it is to get these professionals and scientist to
lie and if there not telling lies then these CIA and Nasa scientist are just totally incompitent. How
many innocent people get convicted on evidence of so called profesionals with years of experiance in
their field only to find out years later at some one elses expense that they are full of crap. They call
us sheep and history has proven that whatever propaganda they throw at us we accept, I am
pleased to be witnessing a new generation who have oppened their eyes to the rubbish they think
they can keep feeding us. We do still have a long way to go
but changes are coming and the bankers and elite few will no longer use us as ghiny pigs and treat
us like sheep
sending our children to the killing fields so they can sip there chantti while enjoying a cuban

cigar. sorry about the ranting but the programme was bull, they did not tell the conclusion because
they did not want to lie directly, they knew there would be enough people who would just believe it.
excuse the spelling errors

earlean says:

my Granddaughter started bleeding from her cheek beside her ear, there is not a pimple, scar, cut or puncture wound and when she wipes the blood off it comes right back. no trauma? I think there are still a lot of things we cannot explain,

Russell says:

It is fake. The bleeding never happens in front of anyone but her mom. This NGC documentary was recorded in 2009 and it is already 2011. If her mother and her were so willing to prove it was real then they would have already set up a sleep study. Supposedly, it happens often enough to have her under 24 hour surveillance for a week to observe her start bleeding. The doctor in the documentary went on the Today show and stated he believes it is fake. Which most likely means they eventually refused to have her watched to observe the bleeding start. People are so gullible and willing to believe everything. Like the doctor stated at the end of the documentary, they need to see the bleeding start and obviously Twinkle and her mother are not allowing that. It is fake. They have psychological problems not physical. Also, it is frustrating that most of the articles on the internet are not mentioning that the doctor asked to see the bleeding start and that is not happening. All these articles want to make it sensational and not give all evidence that it could be fake. Until we see the bleeding start, it is fake. Anyone can drip blood on their skin then call you in the room and say look I am bleeding through my skin. Geez, people.

mini says:

It is not the girl’s own blood. Her blood type in the tests was O-ve. Her mother’s was tested to be A+ve. But the blood sample from the bleeding on head came out to be AB+ve.

It looks really fake to me…but it has to be explained well as it is still a mystery! Whose blood is it?!

michelle says:

I can’t make any decision if the bleeding is real or fake until i,ve seen 24hr recorded footage, then even that could be edited. The tape would have to be closly inspected and checked for any foul play. Even so i hope this is real and it becomes a new medical discovery, and a diagnoses can then be given a name and hopefully help the sufferer or at least give them peace of mind. I would hate for something like this to happen to me and then not be believed, what a nightmare. Good luck to everyone who is involved in twinkle’s and other sufferers cases.

j smith says:

sadly a rubbish doc with no conclusions drawn.
I’ve no doubt she faked it using her own menstual blood but a more interesting question to me is “why”?
So heres a theory-
if we assume that it is faked then maybe we could assume that she is a troubled woman.
If we accept that then usually puberty is a pretty traumatic time for anyone that age.
Ch4 made a bit of a weird point at the beginning of the doc about ther being a real tomboy etc and so see her she certainly looks quite masculine in many ways (or at the very least androdgenous). Perhaps the trauma is psycho-sexual. Your classical stigmatics are ‘allowed’ to bleed in an acceptable way (even in the west the menses are still pretty taboo) hence…
I would be VERY interested to hear of anyone with other thoughts (or to shoot me down!)…

Tommo says:

Sachin, if you watched the program it mentioned that Twinkle suffers from heavy periods, so that theory is wrong. Truth puts up a good point. Foul but feasible. This may be me being really naive, but can a girl be on her period non-stop? Doesn’t that defeat the point of the period?

Rose says:

Becuse there is no medical explanation AS YET ! does not mean that there is not a medical reason for this girl’s bleeding.

truth says:

It is fake. My explanation is that the girl uses her period blood for this hoax. Case Solved!

MandaCope says:

This was a very disappointing program in that it ended without any real conclusion.

How difficult would it be to set up a closed circuit TV and monitor the girl for a few days? Why did the doctor make such a big deal out of “arranging something”. There are clinics set up for sleeping disorders where patients are monitored – it’s not like it’s anything difficult to do.

sachin pethkar says:

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sachin pethkar says:

i am a ayurvedic practitioner, practicing ayurved in pune, india for last 10 years.
according to ayurved the above case is explained as follows:
the age of 11 to 12 is when a girl steps into menstrual age. according to ayurved if the flow of menses is not proper it can affect the girl in various ways.
in the present case the menses blood is obstructed due to some reason which can be evaluated after examining the patient. due to this obstruction the body tries to throw the menses blood (according ayurved it is called ‘RAJA’) by finding different ways to let it out of the body as the body knows if it remains inside it will be harmful.
so the treatment is simple:
just identify the cause due to which the obstruction is there and treat it