McIntyre Says No To Wossy’s Slot

January 12, 2010 by  
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Michael McIntyre2Michael “Mr Safety” McIntyre has reportedly turned down the chance to take over from Jonathan Ross.

Yesterday he was one of the front runners for the position when Graham Norton was ruled out but according to The Sun, he’s vowed never to front a chatshow.

A friend of McIntyre said, “He’s flattered that he’s being touted as a successor as he loves working at the Beeb.

“But he’ll never take that chatshow role. That’s not what he wants to do. He’s a comedian, not a talkshow host. His home is Saturday nights, that’s where he does his thing. That’s where he prefers to be.”

That’s where we’d prefer him to be as well.

With the list getting whittled away faster than a toothpick in a colony of beavers, Chris Evans is now the front runner.

If they keep eliminating people this quickly, it’s going to end up being Jim Davidson or something. Now that would be a vision of hell.