Celeb Big Brother: Housemates Run The OAP Risk

January 12, 2010 by  
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GungeCelebrity Big Brother is rapidly turning into a show eerily similar to Run The Risk, the anarchic 90s game show famous for its gunge.

Today the celebs raced around on mobility scooters, dunked their heads in gunge and had to compete in a series of tasks, loosely based on the Krypton Factor while dressed up as OAPs.

Oddly, it was Heidi Fleiss who put in the most effort. In a task involving her bobbing for dumplings in a vat of stew, she plunged her head in so hard that broke the bowl.

The housemates were also squirted with water while on a stair lift, had to crawl through nets filled with broken biscuits and had to down a large mug of tea.

Is this CBB or a backwater amusement park?