The Simpsons: Access All Areas: Woohoo!

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3.5simpsons300THE SIMPSONS – ACCESS ALL AREAS: Monday 11th January, SKY1, 7pm ALERT ME

It’s seems almost insane that The Simpsons is 20 this year. But when you think about it, everyone who’s ever turned on a TV has seen the Simpsons; their yellow faces are among the most recognisable images you can probably think of.

Access All Areas takes us behind the scenes at the Simpsons factory and reveals what the writers think of their own show. It’s narrated by Ricky Gervais but it could have been anyone; the writers and cast largely speak for themselves.

Matt Groening reveals how he always believed that the show would be successful but as Executive Producer Al Jean says, “anyone that says they believed that it would run for 20 years of become a postage stamp is just lying?.

There are very brief snippets with the voice cast, including Dan Castellenata (Homer) and Nancy Cartwright (Bart). It’s no longer news that Bart is voiced by a woman, we’ve all seen and heard Cartwright do the voice in far more detail before, but when you actually see the iconic voices come out of real mouths, it’s actually hypnotically creepy.

There’s also a brief look at the process of making a Simpsons episode, something which takes a startling nine months. You don’t get to see the creative team behind the Simpsons very often so it’s nice to both the writers and artists on screen for once. Of particular mention is Alf Clausen who composes all the music for the show – an important part of any TV programme which is often overlooked.

For all the relevant background staff that are on camera there are also some odd choices for talking heads, including Christina Ricci, Tony Hawk and Simon Cowell.

It seems that they were only picked because there’s another Simpsons special Celebrity Friends which will no doubt have all the bigger stars.

Their presence indicates what a cultural phenomenon The Simpsons is, but they offer no more insight that any other Simpsons fan.

It’s an all too brief peek behind the scenes of America’s longer running sitcom. something to make you smile before the next episode’s on. It’s just disappointing that it isn’t more detailed than it is. D’oh!