Gutted Review: Clear-Out Television

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2.5GUTTED300GUTTED: Monday 11th January, HOME, 9pm ALERT ME

Mass hoarders beware, Gutted (the makeover show in which collectors are forced to part with the fruits of their life’s work of gathering useless items and them storing them in cardboard boxes in the living room) is returning for a second series.

The premise of this programme is fairly simple, once the house has been stripped and the tears have stopped, the unwilling participant must complete a series of trivia based challenges in order to save their precious collection from the auctioneers hammer at the end of the show.

42 year old bachelor David from Essex who recruits doctors for the NHS and once paid £2,500 for a lump of coal from the Titanic is the subject of the first episode.

The self confessed sci-fi geek’s collection of action figures and other assorted junk that he has gathered over the years no longer fits inside his house and has cost him £30,000 just to put into storage.

The strengths of Gutted undoubtedly lie in it’s earlier parts where David panics upon seeing his property without his vast hoard inside. For a man that describes parts of his collection as ‘extensions of his body’ the panic and terror inscribed on his face is completely visible when told that it could all go forever.

However the challenges that David has to confront in order to reclaim his stuff do not work as well within the format – asking a sci-fi fan trivia questions based on his favourite shows is the same as asking Ned Flanders his opinions on the New Testament.

The admittedly likeable host tries to increase the nonexistent tension on the show while also fitting in as many science fiction puns as humanly possible but this however is an exercise in futility.

Although Gutted has a lot of potential due to its relatively fresh concept it soon falls victim to the narrow confines of the makeover genre.