Glee Review: Oh Happy Gay!

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tv-stars-4glee 210x300GLEE: Monday 11th January, E4, 9pm ALERT ME
If you’ve ever felt the need to jump on your school desk and sing at the top of your lungs then Glee was made for you! If not, you’ll still enjoy the music, the drama and the laughs that Glee provides.

For the Brits that aren’t familiar with what a glee club is, it’s basically a group of teenagers that like to sing and dance together. They’re not a choir and they’re not a band and for the most part, they’re not cool. Your mental image might be guys who are in the closet and girls who want to be the next Liza Minelli, and for the most part, you’d be right.

As the US promo material says, you can either be a geek or a gleek. And now I’m proud to say I’m a gleek; this show had me tapping my foot and singing along to the awesome Journey song you’ve seen in the ads like nobody’s business.

When Spanish teacher, Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), takes over the high school glee club he’s got to deal with staff room rivalries, demanding teenagers and a selfish wife. But it looks like teaching the singers that there are things worth singing about could be the hardest task of all. Overly sentimental? Maybe, but Glee manages a good balance between drama, dance and high school shenanigans.

The highlight of the pilot is undoubtedly a dance routine by a rival glee club to Amy Winehouse’s Rehab. You’ve never seen a happier song about going to rehab in your life.

The show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, is the big brained boss behind Nip/Tuck but this time he’s steered clear of the dark, overly sexual drama and focused on the light-hearted, fun qualities of musical theatre and the little known show, Popular, that got him started.

Broadway darling, Lea Michele provides most of the talent as Rachel, the fame hungry starlet obsessed with performing but unfortunately that kind of talent attracts jealousy and hatred. 40 Year Old Virgin’s Jane Lynch is a little underused in the pilot as the domineering cheerleading coach with the best lines, but don’t worry, we peeked ahead and she’s undoubtedly the big baddie of this season.

The pilot episode moves along a little quickly and we don’t get to know the characters that well but stick with it folks, let’s not have another Pushing Daisies fiasco where, for some reason, no one watches the best show on TV. I’ll admit that this show won’t be to everyone’s taste but it does have something for everyone: you’re just gonna have to stick with it.

peacemay says:

I wanted to like it since the adverts made me laugh. But when I watched it I tried to hard to laugh, but rarely could. the charatcers are generic. It seems 1 level. Sometimes I sway to the music, but when it goes back to the plot it feels choppy and misplaced. I hope it gets better as time goes on, because it’s really hard to keep watching and hoping for improvement. But I guess American TV likes this kind of thing.

Matt says:

Awesome strapline.