Heroes Series 4 Review: From Heroes To Zeroes

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2heroes300HEROES: Saturday 9th January, BBC2, 10.10pm ALERT ME

Since its – ahem – heroic debut a couple of years back, this groundbreaking sci-fi drama seems to have lost it’s way somewhat.

Gone was the pace and resolution which marked the first series as a unique and character-driven show and all that was left was ambiguity and the need for a great deal of patience.

After a particularly disappointing third season there is now only one question on our chapped lips: Can the writers reinvent the fast and focused format that swept all before it upon it’s debut?

Unfortunately, it seems not.

It’s easy to see why the BBC have jammed the first two episodes of the series together like this because the first hour is not much more than a rather dour and action-less denouement from the previous series.

Admittedly the second section of this opening Heroes marathon is a good deal more spicy and we actually see some of the protagonists actually using their powers to help people/beat the crap out of each other.

In this double-length helping which is set six weeks after the events at the finale of series three in which Sylar killed Nathan, but somehow ended up with his mind in Peter’s boby and everyone else fails in their attempts to re-enter normal life.

It’s only natural that the writers should try to coax us back into the Heroes universe but lumps of character exposition here are quite difficult to swallow.

The main driving force of the new series seems to be Sylar’s re-emergence as Nathan (we thought they might wait a couple of episodes before bringing this up but apparently not) and the arrival of a new set of bad dudes led by Sam Sullivan (Prison Break’s Robert Knepper).

In truth these carnival dwelling baddies seem to be one of the few new and unpredictable parts to the show so we look forward to their contribution. As for the rest of them – more heroics needed.