First Cut-My Daughter Amy Review: Daddy, Daddy Uncool

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tv-stars-2my daughter amy 300x210FIRST CUT – MY DAUGHTER AMY: Friday 8th January, channel 4, 7.30pm ALERT ME

If anyone still marginally cares what Amy Winehouse is getting up to in St. Lucia then by all means, tune in, you might get something out of it.

If you’re not bothered then steer well clear of this because not only is Amy barely in this, I really doubt you care what her dad has to say, especially not for half an hour.

The First Cut series is a string of single documentaries and here’s hoping the rest are infinitely better than this one. A camera crew follows Mitch Winehouse around as he whines about the press’ treatment of troubled singer Amy.

This could have been a truly emotional journey about a parent who may have made some bad choices when it comes to their children, instead it comes off as a chance for Mitch to showcase himself. Which would prove to be pointless anyway because he’s not that interesting.

Inbetween flying to the Caribbean to see Amy and attending court with her, Mitch likes to drive his cab. Because he’s just your average cockney fella, guv’nor, a propah East end boy. Mitch’s attempts at getting us to believe he’s a normal guy reminded us of Katy Brand’s ‘normal’ Kate Winslet sketch.

It really didn’t help Mitch’s case for good parenting when he actually pointed out the hypocrisy of trying to protect Amy from the paps and then inviting a camera crew to follow them around. Good work, Mitch.

And it’s not like the cameras are actually following Amy anyway. Were any of you really sitting at home thinking, ‘I wonder what the parents of my favourite singer are up to?’

The only reason this show didn’t get a lower rating because it actually provided a touch of insight into what it must be like for parents of celebrities who make public prats out of themselves.

But that was really about it.