CBB: Reid And Bowers In Romantic Serenade

January 8, 2010 by  
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AlexreidDane_BowersCube-headed cage-bait Alex Reid (who doesn’t crave fame at all) and Dane Bowers (the only man Alex Reid has been able to knock out lately) will perform a romantic duet this evening as part of a CBB challenge.

The two, who were rumoured to have had a bit of a scrap at Jordan’s New Year’s Eve party, will be performing Kylie and Jason’s classic Especially For You in tonight’s variety performance.

Reid instantly snapped up the chance to be Kylie excitedly exclaiming, “Cross-dressing it is then!” He previously said that he deliberately didn’t bring any frocks to the house but seems rather keen to get his tights on.

Apparently CBB producers won’t be happy until the two either fight or have sex in the living room. I’m not sure which would be worse…