Fiddy Cent Wants To Be Shameless

January 7, 2010 by  
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he needs you!American rapper turned ‘actor’ Fiddy Cent today revealed that he loves the Brit hit Shameless.

And we can’t say we’re surprised because though it may not have the bling and fancy cars Fiddy is used to, it is full of sex, drugs and a lot of drunkness. It’s a good time all round.

Fiddy Cent told The Sun, “The US likes to portray the English as all drinking tea and speaking like the Queen, but this was real. It was really funny as well.”

“I saw it when I was over in London last year. I just thought it was a very real show, with real people.”

But the real worry came when Fiddy said he’d be up for doing a cameo part in the show. There are a number of reasons why this is a terrible idea but the most glaringly obvious one is the fact that Fiddy can’t act to save his life. And given the number of times he’s been shot, it’s a life saving technique he should probably look into.

Recently seen doing a lacklustre gangster role in Dead Man Running, we’d really prefer it if he stays away from Shameless.