My Big Fat Diet Show Review: Unappetising TV

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2BFDS300MY BIG FAT DIET SHOW: Tuesday 5th January, Channel 4, 8pm ALERT ME

According to some annoyingly svelte scientists, on Christmas Day the average Brit consumes 7000 calories.

Despite what you may think, the number isn’t the scariest part of that sentence, no it’s the word ‘average’ that should have us worrying. Average! So half of us are eating more than that!

When we cast our hazy minds back to the day in question, it isn’t that surprising though is it? And after all, we all had a good time didn’t we…

But according to Anna Richardson, there comes a time when the laughter has to stop – and she’s not talking about Amanda Holden’s new comedy folks.

In this two week miniseries, the food expert will try to help a group of women drop a dress size and explain how harmful binge eating can be along the way.

That’s all very well but haven’t we seen things like this before? In fact there are many programmes which explore weird eating habits – we even have a diet show without a diet in it nowadays (thanks Gok).

The inclusion of ex-rugby player and irritating Question Of Sport pundit Matt Dawson is equally confusing. Are we in the Saturday kitchen? As such My Big Fat Diet Show risks becoming a mish-mash of regurgitated ideas from half a dozen other TV programmes.

But as any comedian, tennis player or watch-maker will tell you – timing is everything. This show will probably be lapped up by those resolution-makers who are worrying about a bit of extra post-Christmas baggage and it’s intense nature means that it might manage to be relatively impactful during a time when the nation is traditionally cutting back a bit.

Yet for the most part this is pretty old material, especially all that stuff about the supermarkets ‘tricking’ us into buying biscuits.

By the time a dietician dumps a lorry load of Cadburys in front of a guilt-ridden chocoholic, we realise that the best way to lose those extra pounds is by actually leaving our house and going to the gym.

What’s on BBC1 then?

Linda says:

Marc is stupid and insulting. People who remain slim don`t eat

M4rc says:

This program is extremely stupid!
A team of very uneducated bints go on a 1,200 calorie drop a dress size quest! this is bullshit from the start. Why not stick to your recommended amount of 2,000 and just go for a 5km jog a day. It will take you a maximum of half an hour of your day and you can still eat well. You will burn around 400 calories and feel better as well. !,200 is technically starving yourself and it will effect your mental ability as well.

It is also a total cliche of 2009 tv, with silly shock images and cack statistics, that only sound impressive because they are totalled up to a year!

The worst part is they were given calorie readers so these chunky chicks started counting going down a set of stairs as exercise.

Don’t insult your intelligence by wasting your time on this show. It is for total idiots. Ever wondered why people remain slim? well it’s because they are not lazy!