CBB: Reid Won’t Get Knickers In A Twist

January 5, 2010 by  
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Alex reidAlex Reid has apparently refused to bring any of his women’s clothes into the Big Brother House.

The cage fighter, famous for being a ex-boyfriend of Jordan, enjoys playing dress up as his alter ego Roxanne.

This prompted producers of the reality show to build more storage space in anticipation that Reid might bring some frocks in with him.

They were let down when Stephen Baldwin asked him what clothes he’d brought in and he replied “All Arthur, no Martha!?

Well, I can see producers being upset; they wanted a freak show and it looks like they haven’t got one.

Reid later told Nicola T, “I dress up for fun – they’ve just blown it way out of proportion.

“If it’s going to get me a hot woman, which it did, I’ll dress up whatever.”

But really, what has Reid got to offer? He’s famous for slugging it out with other semi-clad men in a sweaty ring and being Jordan’s squeeze – other than that, what has he got to say for himself?

Still, there’s always panto to look forward at the other end. A muscular Widow Twanky anyone?