CBB: Reid and Bowers’ Ex To Be Thrown In The Mix

January 5, 2010 by  
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vikkiGlamour model Vikki Thomas, said to have slept with both Alex Reid and Dane Bowers, is being lined up for stint inside the Celebrity Big Brother house according to a tweet by none other than Jordan.

She writes, “Gossip heard a model called vicki thomas who is an ex of danes an alexes is going in house bring it on bb how funny love it xx.” Puts Shakespeare to shame doesn’t it?

It’s sure to raise eyebrows for Katie Price, as both Bowers and Reid are her ex-lovers too. The pair have already had an alleged punch up on New Year’s Eve could this add more fuel to the fire? Come on people, we want blood!

Thomas hasn’t done anything to scotch the rumour, tweeting “”watch this space…..lol x” minutes after Jordan.

And I thought there were enough tits in the BB House already…