Storm Chasers Review: Whirlwind Romance

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tv-stars-3halfstormchasers300x210STORM CHASERS: Monday 4th January, Discovery Channel, 7pm ALERT ME

Back in the good old days, if a man was interested in science then he was a geek.

No ifs, ands or buts. He wasn’t adventurous, sexy or brave but oh how times have changed.

Head on over to the Discovery Channel tonight and see how science just got sexy because this week the new season of Storm Chasers starts.

If you remember the movie Twister then you’ll love this show and if you didn’t see Twister, where the hell have you been?

Over in America, where all the sane people are, there are guys whose actual job is to chase down tornadoes: storm chasers. These ultimate badasses ride around in homemade tanks trying to measure the movements of tornadoes across the Midwest by trying to get close enough to get probes into one of these funnels of fury. But as it turns out, most of these guys are meteorologists so it’s kind of like nerds gone wild.

The show is a lot of fun; exciting and informative with some interesting chasers. Reed Timmer is the leader of one of the team leaders who rolls in a big red tank called the Dominator. Reed and his guys are definitely the most fun team to watch as they get excited like 3 year-olds at the mere mention of a tornado.

And all of the chasers get up close and personal to the storms in their attempts to get the best readings and footage of these monsters of destruction whilst dodging rain, hail stones, lightning and huge trees pulled up by the storm.

On one of the other teams is Sean Casey leading team TIV. His science nerds definitely let the side down as they try and keep up with Casey’s ambition of making an IMAX movie about tornadoes. But will their inexperience keep him from his dream or put their lives in danger?