Holden: To The Crystal Dome

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amandaCult gameshow The Crystal Maze is to be resurrected by ITV according to The Sun.

The new show will be similar to the old – contestants will have to solve ingeniusly designed puzzles against a time limit, but will feature er…Amanda Holden as the presenter (recently seen sucking all the funny out of the world in Big Top).

Apparently celebrity contestants are going to be playing the fiendishly difficult puzzles instead of members of the public.

“ITV are huge fans of Amanda and are looking at a number of different gameshow concepts, but this is certainly the one they are excited about. They are spending a lot of money and hope it will surpass – and blow away – the old Crystal Maze.”

The thing is, at least half of what was great about the Crystal Maze was the host Richard O’Brien, who lent his idiosyncratic charm, flamboyance and sense of theatre (not to mention his harmonica) to the show which actually made it worth watching.

They tried to replace him with Ed Tudor Pole in the last series and that fell flat on its face.

To the Crystal Dome! Can you imagine Amanda Holden saying that? No? Neither can I.

james says:


Or, if challenged sold to itv…argh..

why? WHY?!

You want and want something, then it comes along all ugly and horrible. KIWF!