Got To Dance Review: Steps Factor

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3GTD300GOT TO DANCE: Sunday 3rd January, Sky1, 6pm ALERT ME

Those of you who thought Davina McCall would be forced to start paying for her own hair products after the last fame-gobbling wannabe walks from the Big Brother house next summer are in for some disappointment.

For the next couple of months, the face of eviction night will be hosting Sky1’s brand new reality talent show Got To Dance.

Those of thinking that Sky have gone out of their tiny little minds because we already have So You Think You Can Dance, are partially correct. This show is cut from a very similar cloth to its BBC forebear, yet Sky execs insist that there are some key differences. These are that this is not just a competition for solo acts and that the judges all have an irrefutable dancing pedigree.

The judges by the way are Ashley Banjo, leader and choreographer of BGT winners Diversity, West End star Adam Garcia and Pussycat Doll Kimberley Wyatt.

Sky bosses have obviously poured a lot of resources into this show (which is something of a first for the corporation) and it will interesting to see how well it goes down with the public.

The basic ingredients are all there; we have talented contestants, a charismatic (if slightly over-enthusiastic) host and a bunch of deluded hopefuls who think they have what it takes, but whether it will capture the imagination like its ITV pioneer (which one was that?) remains to be seen.

On these introductory episodes we see auditionees of all backgrounds try their luck in the ‘Dance Domes’ which toured the nation at the back end of last year. Some particular highlights include Salsa couple who suffer a seriously embarrassing wardrobe malfunction and a ridiculously gifted group of youngsters called the Jukebox Juniors.

television19 says:

I really had high hopes for this show… but 2 of the three judges have ruined the whole experience… I think Ashley Banjo is the only sensible judge in this show… The other two judges (adam and kimberly) wouldnt know talent if it hit them on the head with a stick .. God only knows how they became the judges in the first place. .. they reject almost all the good ones and accept the ridiculous monkey acts … also these idiots (adam and Kimberley) keep changing their minds after giving their vote .. this only goes to show that they have absolutely no idea what they are doing… i really hope they are removed from the judges panel…

Mel says:

I thought the Autumn Leaves couple where so emotionally compelling I cried amazing. My daughter of 5 dances she can freestyle streetdance moves but I have never seen anything as beautiful, I cried. Don’t know much about dance but can certainly feel the emotion! Be proud your wonderful. Love ya x

Jamie Holyoake says:

I agree entirely with the above comments. I’ve never consistantly fastforwarded through more of a show than this one. It not bad when they actually show some people doing a new dance routine (which is a very very small percentage of the time) except that the bad camera work takes a good 50% out of the entertainment factor. The ammount of repeated footage showing backstage, background stories or (as said above) rules and scoring is completely sickening (they really do think we’ve got the memory of a goldfish don’t they). Its very hard to stomach the fact that they’ve effectively tried to pad the series out with more entire episodes about repeated footage and life stories than actual competition dancing content. There were LOADS of auditions which I wanted to see which never got a more than a few seconds show and instead we have to put up with the endless dribble that they have padded it out with. For the love of god it’s a show about a dancing competition! Show us the dancing competition for more than a few fleeting moments! They should rename the show “Repeating ourselves endlessly about the people and rules of got to dance”. I dread to think what they might come up with for a “making of” show *shudder*. Bad form sky network. Very VERY bad form.

Reeni Al Mish says:

Thank you Andrea!! You have stolen the words right out of my mouth. The first time Ashley did that I was a bit dismayed. Then he had to go do that again! And Adam gave in to that BS too! The episode with the street dancing kid with asthma was just bizarre. I mean keeping Kim’s point in mind as well, why would you want to encourage the kid to go do more dance tricks for semi finals after he already began to collapse onstage right now? He might just get carried away and end up having a full asthma attack the next time! I couldnt bear watching this drama anymore and i just had to drop it off my player. By the way, I am not sure why there is so much emphasis on every little reaction by the judges and so little on the dancing. There is a lot more unnecessary drama and it will only encourage more in the future. I was really looking forward for this show too.

Andrea says:

It COULD have been good. BUT the camera work was appalling. Not enough focus on the dancers, too much on judges faces and backstage viewers. When they did focus on the dancers you often only saw from the waist up, and none of the feet which were doing the actual dancing.

Too many small clips of what SEEMED like amazing dance crews.

Almost worse than this is the continuous repeats of the points concept – the dancers are striving for 3 gold stars blah blah. At least 15 times during the show! What are we, so stupid we can’t remember how the scoring works and need reminding every 5 minutes?

And although Ashley is the most gorgeous looking bloke on the box in a long time, he is a rubbish judge. Kim was the only one that seems to be taking the judging side of things seriously. Objectivity and honesty is how she comes across, whereas Ashley was a sucker for a sob story.

I really hope it gets better, because at this point, I am ready to drop it from my viewing list…and I was SO looking forward to it.