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3TAKE_ME_OUT300TAKE ME OUT: Saturday 2nd January, ITV1, 7.15pm ALERT ME

There was something reassuringly naff about Blind Date.

The cheesy pick up lines, contrived set up and Cilla presiding over the proceedings like a Scouse mother hen weren’t exactly highbrow entertainment, but it was something for your eyeballs to do that didn’t involve engaging your brain.

Perfect Saturday night fodder in other words.

Take Me Out is a gaudy new dating show fronted by Paddy “cheeky Northern chappy? McGuinness (you know, the other one from Phoenix Nights), who spends more time bellowing at the top of his voice than the Queen of Hearts.

A panel of 30 single girls are each armed with a light. To McGuinness’ cry of “Single man, reveal yourself? (a catchphrase which probably isn’t going to catch on the playground), the waiting specimen is lowered in the “love lift?, (which sounds like something Patrick Swayzee invented).

The single blokes have three rounds in which to impress the braying panel and if they don’t like what they see they can turn their light off at any time. Any girls with their lights on at the end of the judging compete with each other to be taken on a date.

The girls themselves look like a cross section of any sticky-floored nightclub you’d care to name. Many of them profess to be looking for “Mr. Right? – as if a primetime game show is the best place to find that.

They range from the inexplicably picky to the pinnacle of ditziness, including a pair of twins (their ideal man would be a footballer – not that this show’s shallow at all) who both sound like they have the collective intelligence of a doorknob.

A couple of minutes isn’t really enough to expound a guy’s love of Shakespeare or Tolstoy, so the blokes are resigned to being as preening and cocksure as they possible can in a desperate bid to impress: picking up Paddy, doing a little dance, breathing fire etc.

As this is a mainly a contest to see who can act like the biggest preening arse (something you can see for free every Friday night if you wander into any nightclub), the results are going to be predictably superficial and the men are almost instantly unlikable.

Still, the thought of being judged and facing open rejection in front of a panel of women who will then proceed to tell you exactly what they didn’t like about you is enough to give any man a crippling inferiority complex, so kudos to anyone with enough chutzpah or bone-headed arrogance to subject themselves to this kind of cold, pitiless judgement. Come to think of it, it sounds like one of my recurring nightmares, except they’re not standing in their underwear.

It’s possibly even less intellectually stimulating than Blind Date – you can practically feel yourself getting more stupid as you watch it – watch too much and you’ll be reduced to a dribbling zombie unable to operate the remote. Still as these kinds of shows go, it’s harmless gaudy Saturday night fun. And at least it doesn’t have Cilla.

Im not Paddy says:

Don’t really understand the snobby hi-brow critical approach people take to this show, it doesnt take itself seriously and neither should anyone else.

It’s a bit of fun on a Saturday night that mirrors what a lot of people do when they go out on a Saturday night. Sure its full of silly one-liners that people say to get someone they fancy to get their attention, but i bet theres nobody who hasnt done this at one time in their life.

If you want an indepth program on relationship dynamics im sure BBC Four will be doing a series of “Take One Out To The Theatre Rah Rah”, soon. Meanwhile, lets the girls laugh at the jokes, and the guys choose which one they’d like to take home.

Wen says:

Oh come on, lighten up everyone, this is light entertainment it’s not meant to be taken seriously.
It fulfills that brief perfectly – Paddy is hilarious and a good host and, from a guy’s perspective I think the women featured are gorgeous.

You folks slating it really don’t have to watch it.

takemeout says:

I was one of the girls on take me out, I have to say it was one of the most horrible experiences of my life. Hated teverything about it and couldnt wait to get off it unfortunetly for me they didnt show that. the producers completely took the piss out of us ALL on this one and against my better judgement and their patronising ways ” Oh your so great fabolous amazing” all the while making yourslef look like a complete tit.
HATE TAKE ME OUT WORST TACKIEST SHOW EVER” im appaled and ashamed of myself for taking part in it,

irisheyes says:


I really like the show its certainly different, I’d really like to take Jo from Suffolk out on a date, she is so lovely. I sent contact to tv show producers can anyone else HELP! 😉


Roget says:

Perhaps start simple by looking up “dictionary” and work from there?

william maldwyn stephens says:

There isn’t a word in any dictionery in any language in the world, that comes near the word I’m looking for to describe this show.

Charlotte Jo says:

Hey Jez,

My name is Charlotte Jo, a reserve girl for shows 1& 2 of Take Me Out. Unfortunately I did not make it on the show. But spending a week or so with the girls during rehearsals, filming, lots of waiting around. They are all great girls, with out the Stage make-up which was needed for the show and the Costume departments “Saturday night clubbing” look. We hung around alot in the green room all in jeans/joggers/zip up jackets, no make-up, hair un- straightened/ tonged. Normal girls excited to be on a New dating show, most of the girls desperately seeking ….yes! their “Mr Right!”.

ITV`s “Take Me Out” has 7 more shows to come, So do keep watching. Its a Game Show! The girls know this. The boys were also warned that they would get some stick if something turned a girl off. May it be his shoes, messy bedroom, salsa dancing. Lets Just say….The Girls and Guys had fun being part of it. Why not sit back and have a laugh with them.

Happy New Years.

You Look Lovely!