Alex Wins Celeb Big Brother Then Declares Love For Katie

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alexreidAfter sweeping to victory on a tide of public opinion not seen since the 1997 general election, Alex Reid declared his love for Katie Price live on national television.

The classy model then hinted that the pair sneaked off for a bit of nookie in a toilet after he was crowned champion.

Reid was booed when he entered the house 27 days ago, but he was cheered to the rafters last night, although there were a few jeers when he mentioned his beloved.

Host Davina McCall asked him: “Who is Alex Reid?”

Alex, who is soon to take part in a live fight on reality TV, replied: “He’s a man, he’s passionate, he’s going to win a fight in three months. I’m a fighter and I’m a man in love. I am not sorry – I love Katie Price.”

As some of his fans booed, Alex yelled: “Come on, guys!” and Davina revealed: “She’s here and she loves you.”

Alex grinned at this news and replied: “I’m sorry guys. I’m not sorry, I love Katie Price. I really love her.”

Alex’s 65.9 per cent of the public vote beat Jordan’s ex Dane Bowers into second place, with Vinnie Jones coming in third place last night.

Jordan was in the audience at the Big Brother’s Big Mouth follow-up show at the Elstree studios in Herts and was reportedly eager to tell her mates that she couldn’t wait to get the apple of the TV viewing population’s eye back into bed.

When quizzed by Davina about rumours she was ready to dump him, Jordan said: “That’s absolute rubbish. We have just spent the last 20 minutes in the other room.”

When asked what they were doing, she cheekily replied: “Catching up.”

Mo Review: Mo Julie, Mo Better

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5Mo300MO: Sunday 31st January, Channel 4, 9pm ALERT ME

I’m pretty sure that no matter what the role is, Julie Walters can play it. She loves a challenge and that’s exactly what she got when she signed up to play prominent political figure Mo Mowlam.

Mowlam died in 2005 and recently there has been some speculation about whether or not she misled former PM Tony Blair about the severity of her brain tumour and the treatment for said tumour.

Having said that, it’s probably best that you leave any and all questions or preconceptions at the door and just revel in this fantastic production about a fascinating woman.

The story kicks off when Mo is diagnosed with an astrocytoma (a grade 3 brain tumour) as the Labour party are poised to take office in 1997. As the Secretary for Northern Ireland, Mowlam has a lot on her plate, but this story tells of how Mo took on the tumour and the challenge of bringing peace to a troubled country at the same time. Read More

Seven Ages Of Britain Review: Dimbleby Has Us Conquered

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3.5dimbleby300THE SEVEN AGES OF BRITIAN: Sunday 31st January, BBC1, 9pm ALERT ME

If Facebook had been around during Roman England, there might have been less painstakingly carved slabs to denote a conquered Britain and more status updates: ‘Got power over UK today, LOL.’

Luckily for this documentary, it wasn’t, and David Dimbleby tells us the story of Britain revealed through art. Think hand-made mosaics and 70 metre tapestries. Beat that, Warhol.

First we’re off to Italy, where Dimbleby meets two re-enactment blokes in steel armour who excitedly say, ‘fish and chips!’ when he tells them he’s from England. No resentment held there then. The presenter takes us round Rome’s famous landmarks the Palazzo dei Conservatori and the Pantheon, which are visually stunning as well as historically poignant. Read More

Australian Open Final: Murray vs Fedbot

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4open3300AUSTRALIAN OPEN FINAL: Sunday 31st January, BBC2, 8.30am ALERT ME

After waiting 74 years for a British man to win a major tennis tournament, will Andy Murray finally end our feverish wait for a British champion this weekend?

To do so, he’ll have to get past ruthless tennis machine Roger Federer, the Swiss who defeated him in the US Open Final of 2008 (Murray’s only other Grand Slam Final appearance).

So the odds are not good for our ugly little Scottish friend then? Well in fact that is not the case. Murray has been playing what he describes as “the best tennis of his career” over the last couple of weeks and after defeating Federer’s nemesis Rafael Nadal in the quarter-finals, he looks ready to finally end the Lord of Wimbledon’s reign of racquet terror.

But then we remember that the Swiss maestro has been world no.1 for about 20 years and can do this. Read More…

Mo: Julie Walters and Neil McKay Interview

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mo 300x210After the screening of Channel 4′s Mo, the fantastic new drama based on the life of charismatic people’s politician Mo Mowlam, the star and creative team took to the stage for a good old chinwag.

Aside from the odd journalist, the audience was filled with admirers, friends and colleagues of Mo and the affection in the room was tangible. Portraying Mo in the drama was national treasure Julie Walters who put in what many will dub, the performance of her lifetime.

Joining her on stage was screenwriter, Neil McKay, writer of See No Evil: The Moors Murders, producer Lisa Gilchrist and director Phillip Martin.

It seems the aim of making a film about Mowlam wasn’t to capitalise on any kind of fame surrounding her, or to get involved in another politician’s private life, but simply to tell an engaging story which will compel and touch thousands…

Julie, you were so like Mo, it was a bit spooky, how did you manage to do it?

Well I had acres of footage to look through but the main thing was Neil’s script, I mean she was just alive in that script. It was amazing; she just came off the page and then just looking at the footage. There was one documentary that Granada had made about her after she came out of Government and there was miles of footage because the camera was never turned off, so all her political interviews and talking about The Good Friday Agreement and all of that.

Then in between there was her saying ‘You know, are we gonna go for a drink?’ So you had all that stuff there and there was a real picture of her. So it was that really and I read Julia Langdon’s biography but I was very scared of it because she doesn’t look anything like me.

I rang the agent and I said, ‘You’re going to have to get me out of it, I must be mad to think I can play this. It’s like asking Daniel Craig to play Gerry Adams, it’s just impossible. And there was a big silence on the other end and then he said, ‘With respect, that’s bollocks.’ He said get the wig and glasses on and get on with it.

And it was bollocks wasn’t it…

Well that’s for other people to judge but it was fabulous to do. It was a wonderful script and I had amazing direction from Phillip. Wonderful direction, I felt very free and he just supported me just gave me all the right notes and stopped me making an arse of myself. Read More

The Virtual Revolution: Realistically Brilliant

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5Virtual Revolution300THE VIRTUAL REVOLUTION:THE GREAT LEVELLING?: Saturday 30th January, BBC2, 8.30pm ALERT ME

The World Wide Web is something we all take for granted. I mean, right now you’re reading this on the Web, you probably did some shopping online this week and you’re trying to hide that open Facebook tab from your boss.

It’s twenty years since its invention by Sir Tim Berners Lee and The Virtual Revolution is a great new series which examines where it came from and where it’s going.

But it’s more than just an overview of its creation, it’s a probing insight into the very ideals that led to its inception and which still continue to make up the very fabric of the cyberspace. Read More…

Steve Carrell Wants To Make American Only Fools & Horses

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E_SteveCarell_304Adept funnyman though he is, it seems that Steve Carrell is incapable of coming up with any ideas of his own.

The comic who starred in The 40 Year Old Virgin and played Ricky Gervais’ role in the US version of The Office has announced that he would love to make an American version of Only Fools and Horses.

“That is my dream role,” he told Empire. “The British do sitcoms better than anybody else in the world. I think with the right scriptwriters and cast we could do Only Fools and Horses justice.?

While Carrell would like the role of wheeler-dealer Del, he thinks Ricky Gervais would be perfect for the part The Nag’s Head landlord Mike.

“If anybody wants to help me do a remake I’d love it – with Ricky as Mike the barman.?

He would also wants Paul Rudd as Del’s brother Rodney, Vince Vaughn as Boyce and Ben Stiller to play Grandad.

Tongue in cheek maybe? Still it does sound good…

Suzanne Shaw Joins Emmerdale

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suzanne shaw210x300Hear’Say singer and Dancing On Ice winner Suzanne Shaw is set to take Yorkshire by storm by appearing in Emmerdale.

Following in her ex-bandmates Kym Marsh’s footsteps, she’ll take on a soapland as Eve Birch, Edna Birch’s granddaughter whose charms gets the gents in tizzy.

Having only done a tiny bit of telly before we’re not sure how she’ll fare but she has done the West End so she’s had more acting experience than Kym when she started on Coronation Street.

Talking to The Sun, Shaw said, “I am so excited to be joining the cast of such a popular and long-standing show. It’s daunting to think I’ll be watched by millions but I can’t wait to get stuck in to country life.”

Producer Gavin Blyth hints that Shaw will be given some juicy storylines to play during her time on the farm, “Viewers can look forward to explosive storylines as Eve cranks up the heat.”

Alesha Dixon To Quit Strictly?

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alesha_dixon_1Alesha Dixon has again hinted that she is going to quit Strictly Come Dancing.

The 31-year-old star, who was introduced as a judge on the reality dancing show to replace Arlene Phillips last year, revealed that her main focus at the moment is her music career.

Dixon told The Mirror: “I’m starting the album from scratch this week, including writing and recording everything. It’s all I’m thinking about. That’s what I’m concentrating on.

“I can’t say when it’ll be finished, it can take anything from six months to a year… I’m aiming to get my first single out in the summer.”

However, when asked about the BBC One series, Dixon’s manager said: “Strictly was so last year.”

Oh dear… anyone have Arlene’s number?

Melinda Messenger Calls It Quits At Studio Five

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melindamessenger210x300According to reports in the Sun today, blonde bombshell Melinda Messenger has decided to call it a day on her stint at Live At Studio Five.

The programme is clearly a poor man’s One Show but Melinda still stuck it out for five months before deciding to move on.

A spokesperson for Studio Five said that, “We would like to thank Melinda for the great job she has done.” Oooh, heartfelt.

We’re not sure under what circumstances Melinda’s departing under but she’s got to stick it out until the end of her contract in March. Melinda said of her leaving, “I’ve had a fantastic six months and wish all the guys success.”

While we thought that this might be a precursor to the show coming to an end, Melinda’s ex-Apprentice co-star Kate Walsh has renewed her contract for another six months. Well you can’t win ‘em all. The Sun claims that Melinda will be replaced with Hollyoak’s star Ricky Whittle and I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here winner Joe Swash.

It seems Studio Five are swapping two big boobs for two even bigger boobs.

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