Sleep With Me Review: Definitely Infidelity

December 31, 2009 by  
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4SLEEP_WITH_ME300SLEEP WITH ME: Thursday 31st December, ITV1, 9pm ALERT ME

Staying in front of the television this New Year? We know how you feel.

But instead of flicking between the various reviews of the 2009, Jools Holland backslapping his friends and the inevitable countdown from Edinburgh (apparently the HQ of New Years), we think this tightly worked ITV drama might be worth a look.

Those who enjoyed Joanna Briscoe’s erotic thriller of the same name will be pleased to hear that the producers have captured the mood and intrigue of the novel expertly, and in Annamaria Marinca they have unearthed an actress to match the elusive poise of a central character who cleaves our couple in two.

Richard (played by Adrian Lester of Hustle) and long-time girlfriend Lelia (Jodhi May) appear to be the perfect couple until their relationship is covertly invaded by an apparently harmless yet inexplicably charming Sylvie Lavigne.

She is a quiet mousy woman who seems lost and out of her depth when they first meet her, yet Richard is gradually seduced by Sylvie’s mysterious and almost hypnotic allure and he soon feels that his normal life is slipping through his fingers.

Little does he know that Lelia is having nightmares of her own and we are constantly taken back to disturbing childhood memories which she has managed to suppress for some time.

Yet these memories have resurfaced with good reason as we soon find out.

At just over an hour and a half in length, this is a concise slice of thought-provoking drama which builds in suspense as it is driven forward by the little French anomaly who continues to surprise us with her coy evasiveness and talent for manipulation.