Vinnie Jones Demands 500k For Big Brother

December 30, 2009 by  
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vinnieFootballing hard man turned Hollywood hard man, Vinnie Jones is reportedly demanding 500k for an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother.

According to The Sun, Vincent was initially offered £350,000 to join Channel 4’s Celebrity layabout contest but has since insisted on a further £150,000.

Not surprising they want someone with a bit of colour in the house after Boy George pulled out because it would breach his probation terms.

A source said, “Vinnie is holding out for more money because he knows that producers are desperate to sign him up. Negotiations are still going on and the producers don’t yet know whether he will be there or not on Sunday night.”

It’s fair enough really. Take them for as much money as you can Vinnie, they’ll only make you dress up in lycra and pretend to be a dog and think what that’s going to do to your street rep.