Katie Price To Guest On The Apprentice?

December 29, 2009 by  
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jordanWe could ask ourselves if there’s anything that this girl won’t do. But apart from already knowing that there isn’t, an equally pressing question seems to be: Is there anyone on television that won’t give Katie Price a shed load of money for a cameo?

Well if there is then it certainly isn’t Alan Sugar, who has indicated that he would be keen to get Jordan on his next series of The Apprentice.

Famed for his ability to spot good value for money. Suralan saw the £350,000 ITV paid to the ex-model to appear on I’m A Celebrity as money well spent and is keen to get her on his reality show next summer.

According to The Sun, Price had a conversation with Sir Alan and Amanda Holden (it must have been high-brow) in which it was suggested that Price could be on Sugar’s show.

The old tycoon responded to the idea by saying that he thought Price could be “an asset to the show”.

Assets more like.

Jordan will surely be pretty near the top of FIVE’s Celebrity Shocks of 2009…