Eastenders: Ryan’s Not Coming Back To Walford

December 28, 2009 by  
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michelle-ryanMichelle Ryan has said that she has no desire to return to Eastenders.

Ryan, most famous for her role as Zoe Slater in the soap, said that while she got her start on the show, that she wanted to be able to work on other projects.

“I always saw EastEnders as an apprenticeship,” she said to the Daily Record. “I always wanted to go on and do different things. I have some really good friends from that show but the door is closed.

“I’ve always taken chances. I think that’s how you progress – by stepping out and doing different things. I really do like my freedom and jumping from job to job. I just want to work with people I admire and respect, wherever that be – big budget, low budget, leading role, supporting role.”

Hmm…The Bionic Woman and Mr Eleven – wouldn’t say they were particularly good choices myself which is a real shame because she’s a talented actress. Hopefully she’ll be in something where she doesn’t have to affect an estuarine glottal stop all the time to be successful…