Only Fools & Horses The Decade’s Most Watched Show

December 23, 2009 by  
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foolsAccording to the ‘best’ newspaper (and worst run business) in the world, Only Fools and Horses was the most watched TV show of the decade.

Before you start adjusting your laptops let us reassure you. This claim was not the result of a ratings poll taken over the last 10 years (yet god knows it’s been on enough to win that way as well) but a Christmas special in 2001 that drew 21 million viewers – nearly 75% of the available audience.

According to The Guardian the festive episode, which starred David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst, followed the Trotter family as they tried to recoup their lost millions after a bad investment.

An explosive episode of EastEnders pulled just over 20 million viewers in April 2001 to finish second, while Coronation Street attracted 19.4 million in an episode in February 2003, where the murderous Richard Hillman revealed the truth to wife Gail.

In fourth place, this year’s finale of Britain’s Got Talent was watched by an average of 18.2 million viewers.

Sorry Simon…