Doctor Who – End of Time (Part 1) Review: Timelord Is Up

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4doctorwho300DOCTOR WHO – END OF TIME (PART 1): Friday 25th December, BBC1, 6pm ALERT ME

Considering the amount of turkey and stuffing the Doctor has on his plate at the moment, the penultimate episode of David Tennant‘s stint with a sonic screwdriver starts quite slowly.

But we all know it won’t stay that way for long. After all the timelord has a lot of work to do in his remaining two hours if he wants to ensure the survival of the space-time continuum.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock on Mars (or missed last month’s Waters of Mars) the Doctor’s death is approaching faster than that horrifically knitted jumper.

Meanwhile the inhabitants of Earth are being haunted by the dreams of an annonymous man’s manic laughter (three guesses who) and Wilfred – played delightfully by Bernard Cribbins – is taking it all particularly badly.

That might be why we see him trying escape the madness in a church – or maybe he just wants to get away from his daughter and granddaughter, the Doctor’s ex-assistant Donna (Catherine Tate).

Unfortunately for him, he finds himself at the very centre of the events that will threaten the very fabric of time and then his granddaughter turns up as well, (along with June Whitfield, Ood Sigma and Timothy Dalton).

Subsequently, the ever more important Wilf finds himself in a rich partnership with David Tennant which sees two fine actors spinning a story so amusing that the reappearance of the Master seems less ominous (slightly).

This might all sound a little congested for a one-hour helping, but despite more cameo appearances than an episode of This Is Your Life, Russel T Davies manages to fashion a superb storyline that will delight die-hards and seasonal fans alike.

Tennant is as charismatic as ever, but Cribbins and the wild-eyed and despotic Simm are the driving forces of this mouth-watering episode which will see Doctor Who fans canceling all New Year’s Day plans in anticipation of this timelord’s climax.

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Sue Velasquez says:

Sorry, I disagree. A bit of an overblown mess. Has some deep-voiced narration to add to the cod drama. It references the Matrix, Silence of the Lambs and Heroes, and not in a good way. It aims at being American, when all it needs to be is Dr. Who. Not a bad way to kill a spare hour, but the effects, over acting and OTT score are simply noise to cover the lazy script writing.