EastEnders: Publican Enemy No1

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5easties300EASTENDERS: Monday 21st December, BBC1, 8pm ALERT ME

Christmas in Walford is usually a very messy affair but this year it will be murder for Archie Mitchell (ahem).

The homicide-happy EastEnders writers have been consistently knocking balls out of the park over the last few months, and this week all their work will come together in a festive crescendo that threatens one of soapland’s finest institutions.

There has been an angry Mitchell behind the bar of The Queen Vic for nearly two decades (that’s lightyears in Walford) but now the future looks much less certain.

Archie may be a Mitchell, but with an enemies list that will soon surpass Richard Nixon’s, it seems unlikely that he will be around long enough to make his new year resolutions…

We all knew that we had quite a storyline on our hands before last Friday, but watching a shark-eyed Archie and his lurid accomplice/fiancee/goldigger Janine brandish ownership papers and an engagement ring in Peggy’s puce-filled face told us that this week could be quite special.

All Archie needs is an order of possession and the extended Mitchell clan will be spending Christmas on the streets, or even worse – at Ian Beale’s house.

Tonight’s episode sees the start of their meagre bid to form a united front and wrestle back their beloved boozer.

Barbara Windsor revels in her role as the deposed Queen of The Vic, although she undoubtedly retains her title as the Queen of the cockney scowl, and Charlie Brooks continues to drip malice as femme mentale, Janine Butcher.

But that’s not the only thing going on in The Square. Elsewhere Jane manages to work out who Christian is getting it on with (“what, you mean Syeds gay!?!) and Pat sensibly decides to fly away for the holidays.

Good job she didn’t book with BA.