Weird Relationships Review: Stranger Than Fiction

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4relationship300WEIRD RELATIONSHIPS: Monday 21st December, Virgin 155/Sky 183, 10pm

When it comes to relationships, I’ve got a pretty open mind.

What’s that you say? You want to dip me in chilli sauce and pretend I’m a burrito? Sure why not? But some things go way beyond a light-hearted spanking or a penchant for fancy dress.

Weird Relationships explores some of the strangest people out there. If you thought your custard fetish was strange, well you ain’t seen nothing yet.

We’re introduced to one woman who is having a relationship with a double-decker bus. Yes, you read that correctly. “We can’t do things like normal couples do, like go out for a drink?.

Yeah, that’s because it’s a sodding bus. What did you expect it to order? “Yeah, a pinot grigio and a diesel on the rocks please.?

“Society viewed homosexuality in much the same way a few years back? she wails.

There’s only so much of this you can really take. For god’s sake woman, it’s a bus, it’s four tons of red metal, it’s not even capable of forming any kind of relationship with anything more than a fuel pump.

Is Autotrader pornography then? Cor, look at the number plates on that one! Phwoaar, Our Bumper Special. Test Driving The New Bendy – She’s A Real Goer!

From the ridiculous to the sublime, we move onto Anthony, a 23 year old guy who’s got seven children. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another point-and-judge piece of television though, it’s actually a remarkably poignant short. Five of the kids are from his partner’s last relationships and so it’s admirable that he’s decided to take responsibility for them.

There’s footage of the family in the lead up to Christmas as they prepare for the arrival of the eighth child, AJ trying to define himself as a father while struggling to cope with his own childhood – a moving portrait of a modern family.

We also take a look at rather frank world of Sugar Daddying. Girls approach agencies looking for sugar daddies, taking them out on an “audition? to essential see how their “services? can be best exchanged. It’s a kind of monogamous prostitution in other words.

It’s difficult to buy some of the girls’ explanations –“I don’t want to think of it as giving yourself to someone for money? – surely that’s exactly what it is – and there’s this feeling that there’s a little bit more going on behind their callow faces than they would otherwise like to let on.

So, next time you think that your nurse role-play fantasy is a little bit out on a limb, spare a thought for these guys. Unless you like dressing up like a baby or a wolf; that’s just wrong.