Ugly Betty – The Fall Issue Review: Sitting Pretty

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3UglyBetty300UGLY BETTY – THE FALL ISSUE: Monday 21st December, Channel 4, 10pm ALERT ME

I’ve got about as much fashion sense as your average turnip. What do you mean Pacciotti’s not a type of pasta? Thankfully, fashion knowledge isn’t required to watch Ugly Betty which has its finale this week.

The Fall Issue sees Betty riddled with guilt about kissing her old flame Henry and hesitating to tell her current squeeze, Matt. Her sister Hilda is very much against the idea – after all if it meant nothing, then surely telling him would be making a mountain out of a molehill? You just know this isn’t going to end well…

Being the good egg that she is, Betty decides to tell him anyway but is constantly interrupted, spectacularly in one instance as the Features Editor, Penny plummets to her death out of the 28th floor window.

With Penny’s death, her job is up for grabs and Mode’s Editor Daniel recommends Betty for the job. Unfortunately, it’s scuppered by the reappearance of Marc, who reveals that he’s turned down the job he was offered at Vogue in order to take Penny’s place. He has the backing of the evil pantomime villainess (complete with maniacal laugh) Wilhelmina, who is also trying to blackmail Claire into resigning as CEO of the magazine.

Daniel and Wilhelmina decide to stage a competition: whoever can finish Penny’s article on Yves Saint Laurent gets her job, while the loser remains an assistant. Cue much rifling through Penny’s apartment for her research notes and confrontations with her identical twin sister (in looks as well as abrasive personality).

Meanwhile, Daniel has been nominated for an MAMA award (the fashion industry’s Oscars) for his wedding cover special and goes to the award show without Molly, who’s lying at home with a fever.

It’s pretty standard Ugly Betty stuff. . If you’re a long time viewer of the series then you know what to expect from its brand of slick visuals and camp humour.

I won’t spoil the ending but you might be wise to keep the Kleenex nearby just in case. In true soap style, we’re left with plenty of unanswered questions – what diabolical scheme is Wilhelmina hatching with a mysterious man in black? What’s the shock that causes her to almost break a nail as she walks out? And as Matt confronts Betty about kissing Henry and its implications, he reveals that he has another surprise up his sleeve…

If you’re a fan of the show then you’re going to want to watch this to tie up some loose ends and whet your appetite for Series 4 but beyond the aforementioned obligatory cliff-hanger endings and tear-jerking set piece, it probably won’t cause you to do anymore than shrug your (expertly tailored) shoulders.

Amber says:

Really? Only 3 stars? Id say it deserves at least 4! I thought it was a great episode and made me cry. There were some great twists at the end and some really big suprises.
Season 4 should be amazing. People in North America are ravving that it is better than ever.