The Fattest Man In Britain Review: Seasons Eatings

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For those of you who wish to get their Christmas viewing in order nice and early, there is an abslotue gem of a drama on this Sunday.

Don’t worry it’s neither a bunch of blokes throwing Atlas stones about, nor a homage to all things James Corden, but an emotional rollercoaster ride that could possibly be one of the most original and entertaining things on this Christmas.

Written by Jeff Pope and Caroline Aherne, this is the story of George Godwin, a grossly obese northern lad who lives the life of a hermit.

Godwin is a character well aware of his weight but one who seems to celebrate it, and with agent Bobby Ball and an impending “weigh off” on the horizon, he aims to prove he is Britains fattest man.

There are some great comedy touches and his ingredients for a fry up are legendary but make no mistake it is the drama behind the jokes that really make this programme stand out.

Godwin is a vulnerable character, when he sleeps it sounds like every breath might be his last and he rarely moves from his seat in front of the television. But until a young Jeremy Kyle style delinquient turns up unannounced hes never really considers changing how he lives.

Like previous attempts by Aherne, the premise of a show being consigned largely to the front room is in no way a limiting factor. Rather it allows the films best assets to come to the fore.

The banterful script is incredibly well written and the acting – led by Timothy Spall – is second to none, with the cast working incredibly well together. The empathy and sense of community they portray means that by the end you feel every one of their highs and lows.

‘Tis the season for happy endings, so if you fancy one that isn’t ladled with the familiar saccharine sweetness of a Disney film, this may well be the one for you.

Wayne Storr